AYCE Consulting Engineers, Inc. (pronounced ace) is a transportation infrastructure design engineering firm located in Orange County, California.  We specialize in designing of major urban freeways, roadways and railways.  AYCE has forward thinking engineers  involved in the planning and designing of infrastructure utilizing traditional designs, modern innovations and latest technologies.

Who We Are

AYCE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a transportation infrastructure design consulting engineering firm located in Orange County, California.  Our team of consulting engineers are available to work on projects virtually anywhere in the world. 

Why do we call ourselves consulting engineers? It's simple. An engineer responds to input from the client. But a consulting engineer asks intelligent questions and draws upon a depth of professional experience to make decisions for the client – bringing answers and smart solutions to the table, not more questions.

We're people people. We thrive on communication and interaction.

Our Services

Traditional Design

Preliminary and Final Engineering
Value Engineering and PS&E
ATC and Design-Build
Traffic Control Design and Construction staging

3D Visualization

Web/Smart Phone Technology

Through partnering with our 3D virtual team, project designs come to life in realistic animations before it's built; with current and future traffic flows incorporated; animating construction phasing & more.
Through partnering with our software development team from Silicon Valley,  we integrate dot.com technology into our industry to solve problems
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